A User-Centered Approach to Development

A User-Centered Approach to Development

When it comes to the world of programming and development, it is extremely common for users to end up un-satisfied when they receive their products at the end of the development cycle, a problem which largely arises due to the disconnection and lack of communication between the various stakeholders involved in the development and testing process. Instead of putting the focus on the product itself, opt to centralize it onto the user. Keeping the user and/or customer at the centre of the entire development process is crucial in today’s vast and ever-changing development landscape.



The goal of any programmer or developer should be to provide value to their customers. In a user-centered approach, the constant interaction between the developers, testers, and users ensures that the users have appropriate feedback at the appropriate times that allows them to incorporate changes and modifications throughout the development process, resulting in a product that is much more valuable to the user.



At the end of it all, there is no denying that the ultimate purpose of all of the effort you direct towards your project is for the customers and/or clients that will end up using it in their day-to-day life. What better way could there be to determine the success of your project than to test it in terms of user satisfaction and the degree of usefulness it proves to be for the customers. Keeping the user at the centre of the testing process and development cycle ensures that the project is heading in the right direction for all parties involved in the process. Letting constant customer input drive the direction taken by the development team will significantly decrease the chances of you having to redesign something or improve it at the end of the entire development process, also resulting in a reduction in the amount of investment required for redesigning and maintenance in terms of time, money, technical expertise, and resources.



A user-centered approach is a path that leads to an increase in sales for the business as it shifts the focus from the product to the customer, the one factor upon which your revenue ultimately depends on. Showing the customer that their opinions, feedback and core requirements hold worth and value to you and that you are actively aiming to ensure that their demands are met through your project lends you credibility as well as the favour of the customer, ensuring their loyalty to you and even the possibility for future projects from the same customers.



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